img, nyc + jeremy

by Jeremy Danté

okay, so i`ve been fashion & image driven since forever. but it wasnt until recently that i had a real opportunity at something great in that industry. while on my daily blog run of fashion sites at work i stumbled across a post titled, “maybe you`ll meet naomi” – fascinated with naomi campbell as i am, i read the post. interns were being called upon for IMG- the agency which houses such models like naomi campbell, gisele…you know names that you dont hear of much. so on a whim i sent my resume. i wrote: “looking to transfer my professional work experience to that of the fashion industry in any way, shape or form”. surprisingly, i got a fast response from the art director of IMG alvin j. fung. whom told me that he was interested in making time whenever i was gonna be in town. now, mind you- i reside in california. IMG is located in new york. though it may present future opportunities, we need to keep it real & funky- this is not a paying gig. yeah, if your lucky; you might meet naomi but that chick aint gonna toss you a couple of dollars & she damn sure wont keep a roof over your head. so, i had plotted for a while to relocate to NYC. but after much consideration i have decided not too.

for reasons to be explained; i like where i am at. working at UC Berkeley isnt working for IMG & though i dont meet supermodels i have a solid foundation set for a strong career path in my future.

today, again- on my blogrun, i ran into another post for starworks; a fashion PR company. i thought of how well i would fit in & how great a fit for myself that type of career move would be. again, those opportunities are in new york city. as much as i preach about being taken out of your element & not wanting to stay in one place- what do you really do if your dreams are a mere chance & the present, a well earned present at that, has only started to see your true growth potential starting to bud? how smart would it be for me to make a career move into a disasterous industry for the chance, yes- chance at living a life filled with front page glamour & backstage horror. what would you do? would you leave everything you have worked for, everything you have known, loved & earned all behind for the chance at a dream that you have been chasing since the dawn of your very existence? or would you stay & excel as you have been with the lingering thought of what could`ve been?