london calling | the return of london fashion week

by Jeremy Danté

lfwwhen the word “fashion” is uttered what locations come to mind? you think new york, paris, milan & london. right?! well, for quite sometime london has been put on the back burner. but it looks like things might be looking up for our friends across the pond in the coming future. london has spawned its share of dope design talents in high end fashion: alexander mcqueen, matthew williamson, burberry, stella mccartney & gareth pugh to name a few. most fashion weeks gain their credibility by who is in attendance & anna wintour reportedly doesnt even make time to head over to london for their fashion week. i remember seeing a interview with karl lagerfeld for 60 minutes & some fashion editor from new york were both at the table during the interview. the editor & lagerfeld proceeded to discuss how london lacks fashion credibility & in discussion they made it seem as if london was this struggling fashion locale with little to no credibility.

it made me wonder but not for too long, i`ve always had my sights set on new york. but why is it that london has been this large fashion oversight? the designers i have named coming from the UK are all great talents. but are their talents too good for london? after gaining noteriety the labels made decesions to upgrade by showing in milan & new york. i guess its understandable, in some forms, because sometimes your star power is just too big for the parameters of your own home. stuck up? maybe. do i understand, yes. the british fashion council has been making extended moves to get the londoners back home in an attempt to bring back that noteriety that made them stars to begin with. i guess will we have to wait & see who will be in attendance this time around as burberry, matthew williamson & pringle of scotland have all made the concious decesions for homecoming. real shit though, i thought it was stupid of burberry to show in milan. isnt one of the iconic pieces of the burberry history the raincoat? uuhhh…yeah. where the hell does it rain alot?! london! its always dope to see people in fashion come together for one common goal. this time, the goal is to bring fashion back into london. & if your reading this & your from london, dont take it personal im going off reports. im an american so you can natuarally see why new york city comes first before anything. i hope things go well with london fashion week & will post reports as they are recieved. they have a better chance than los angeles fashion week. [SOURCE]