sonia rykiel | resort 2010 collection

by Jeremy Danté

sonia rykiel was voted one of the 10 most elegant women in 1980. above are images from her resort 2010 collection; dont hate on the fact that she was voted elegant in 1980 though. with all this 80’s revival fashion elements approaching the limelight, her style may not be completely irrelevant. evidence of her modern day  style relevance is seen in her usage of textiles & the color palette seen in her collection. though some of her pieces are similar to that of other existing collections, style elements that seperate her from the rest can be seen in her use of graphics. whether its the print seen on those silk pants or the black on purple stripes on a skirt, it proves that she is still as relevant now then in the past. great collection. the colors bring a youthful feel.

imagesource | coutorture