givin you the business » a sentiment on style

by Jeremy Danté

there is a funny thing happening with men & style these days. things become so typical- trends fast become annoyances & suddenly people develop personal uniforms. bow-ties, dress shoes, blazers, pocket squares, thick framed eye glasses. its one thing to encorporate classical style elements into everyday dress; but what style is to be seen from replicated looks from the past? can you really say that your a style guru, with confidence, if all you do is jack the style of gentlemen from the past? no. i think not. so many men hide behind clothes. as spoken in the popular adage, “wear the clothes, dont let the clothes wear you.” [?] style is less about what you wear, its how you wear it. it takes more than a bow tie & a blazer to shape & pronounce the etiquette brought fourth by a  true gentleman. the most expensive suit can’t cover up the fact that homeboy doesnt know what he’s talking about. pocket squares cant clean up a bullshit work ethic & maybe if those optical lenses were prescription you’d be able to see that clearly. style is much more than a phase that you grow into, its a lifestyle. the difference between what i know & what others thinks is simply this; this is not something i grew into- this is who i am. its not about a front, not about a beautiful face nor is it about perfected composition- its about reality. its about a connection between a reader & his audience, its about understanding standards & explaining the moments of reality seen in imaginative designs from here to paris. i see so many dudes in this world of bow ties, blazers & poise- thinking to myself: “i been had that poise & i dont need a bow tie to act accordingly..” – i was raised this way. i find it interesting to take notice of certain characters thinking, “what a lack of creativity..” wondering, “how long will it take for this ambition & sudden pulse of drive to evaporate after becoming dry?” i wonder, “am i doing myself justice?” a lot of what is seen in menswear is duplicated, because menswear has bold limitations. hence why, womens fashion & women in fashion are the most profitable. women can be seen as the most inspiring beings on earth & still, is it really a mans world? i hear & read all this talk about gentleman from muthafuckas whom know nothing of the sort.

i have been working with a friend to take things to the next level. i was asked, “what image are you trying to portray?” – so i though to myself. i began to wonder about the creative process & image development that a recording artist goes through- i asked myself questions like, “what are you selling?”, “how would you define your brand?” – there is one major theme i strive to define. that theme is individuality. its not about the image im trying to portray its correctly identifing myself to the public who is watching. what am i selling? im not selling anything because the truth & reality come with no cost but a lesson learned. how would i define my brand? my brand has yet to see the light of day because im still learning. my brand develops everyday- the shit is like haute couture & im like christian lacroix, the last house standing. but at the end of the day- whether its fashion, whether concerning style, image- performance, sound, poise or intention; one thing will always remain- you. it doesnt matter if what you think is ill someone else wont, live for you & dont wait for an industry to dictate what you will & wont do. dont allow yourself to become so immersed into something people expect, become something you believe in & you are. cause at that point, you’ll already be a star.