who is raquel zimmermann?

by Jeremy Danté

raquel zimmermann is the ultimate female model right now. initially, when i first seen here- when i actually started to notice her, she seemed ordinary. usual blonde hair, blue eyes, thinnly beautiful by industry standard- nothing about her said wow. until i started to open my eyes a little more & there she was..everywhere. she is so fitting in her role as a model & has this innate ability to transform. like a butterfly from a muthafuckn cocoon- no! a chameleon. her impressive resume is completely untouchable & in todays market her star is outstanding. you might reconize her for her work with roberto cavalli, fendi, gucci, gap & marc jacobs as she has been used for each brands campaign at one point or another in the past three years. shes glossed up the pages of just about every fashion mag on this planet & dominates the runways.  if you blink you just might miss her or mistake her for a rookie, her transformation skills are that dope. hailing from rio grande do sul in southern brazil, if you arent aware of ms. zimmermann; i suggest you take some notes. whats that you ask? her ranking? oh, but of course– she’s number one. [SOURCE]