barbie, the forever icon for vogue italia

by Jeremy Danté

barbie has undisputed iconic status, in a major way. i am the eldest of three, im twenty two years old- my baby sister is eighteen gonna be nineteen come august first. one reason why barbie sticks out in my mind isnt the fact that my sister used to play with them, nor is it the fact i had a barbie complete with a white barbie ferrari, real shit, growing up (don’t hate). barbie sticks out in my mind for one reason, two words: holiday barbie. barbie fanatics will tell you, when christmas hits you’ll be at toys”Я”us on the hunt for that bitch if you was ’bout your barbie game. since my sisters birth in 1990, my mom collected each holiday barbie – no matter what! every year. didnt matter how broke we were my mom cops the holiday barbie every year. the 1990 edition, of course, was the first. barbie is dressed in this hot pink 80’s style ball gown & i just remember looking at the box, literally, staring at her. the holiday barbies never came out of the boxes- they are collectors items. each year, the holiday edition is the illest one- barbie comes decked out in her after five evening look & bitches go crazy for it. every year we’d see barbie transform look after look- iconic, for sure. its like we grew up with her, hell! we did. its clear that barbie’s iconic status isnt just recognized by me or those bitches fight over holiday barbie at toys”Я”us;  vogue italia created a mini-zine celebrating barbie’s 50 birthday. in the mini-zine a creative recreation of vogue images was created using all black barbies. an inspirational piece & extremely creative direction. peep the details, the shoes- the change is facial features. the matel company is a beast for marketing homegirl like they do. now barbie? she is forever ill. everyone has a barbie story. whether you knew her from afar or if you was kickin it with her by her ferrari. everyone knows barbie.

imagesource | jezebel