the sartorialist shoots hilary duff for dkny

by Jeremy Danté


before that bitch miley cyrus was out annyoying all of america with her slurred speech, we had hilary duff. the original tween disney chick turned mogul. here, duff is shot by the sartorialist, scott schuman. schuman has become popularized for his new york based blog for capturing new york city street fashion. DKNY, the donna karan  casuals collection little sister to the donna karan collection, has been a NYC style staple as well. now, despite your ill feelings about duff, hear me out. now, she may not be the baddest bitch on the block, but the girl gets money. now when i bash this bitch miley cyrus, its for good reason- i dont fuckn like her! now hilary duff, she’s respectable. from her debut on the scene with the disney channel in 2001 her show, ‘lizzie mcguire’ garnered 2.3 million views per episode. soon after, the star moved from the network to pursue an elevated level of success. her entrepenurial skills earn my respect, for sure. she released a clothing collection, named specifically to target the tween demographic; titled, “stuff by duff”. as casual & lower end as it may seem, the line was distributed in the united states, australia, canada & south africa. her fragrance, “with love” might seem like it aint shit, but check the facts- its distributed by elizabeth arden. from her days at disney to today, the image seen above is from the fourthcoming collection she has created in partnership with DKNY. the collection, reflecting duff as a now young women, is titled: “femme”. before you hate, always check the facts. now miley cyrus might be getting loot but i just can’t stand her face. hilary duff’s femme for DKNY ad will run nationally in publications that target her young women demographic, teen vogue & seventeen. its no arguing about it, lizzie mcguire is all grown up. young & successful- respect it,

imagesource | WWD