pre-fall collections: maison martin margiela

by Jeremy Danté

the house of martin margiela is said to have decided to continue forward as an operating fashion house without margiela himself. there is speculation in the fashion blogosphere that there were existing conflicts that prevented margiela from doing what he wanted with his label. those close to the brand have denounced those murmurs stating that martin simply wanted to retire. the mystique of the margiela label is a part of fashion history. martin himself never did any interviews & was never seen by anyone in the press. the creative team that has been curated by margiela himself of the last two decades remains on board & have produced & created the pre-fall collection you see here. expectedly so, the creative team has independently created the last couple of season collections for the label without any creative input from mr. margiela. the pre-fall collective continues to showcase minimalism in futuristic design elements. though a small collection, the style signature of margiela is seemingly one that the creative team knows all too well. some feel that the creative credibility of the brand is at stake- the collection speaks for itself & clearly.

imagesource | coutorture