pre-fall collections: vera wang

by Jeremy Danté

the vera wang pre-fall collection hosts black & grey with hints of sequin & sheer material. though i admire the bridal collections of vera wang, i find that this pre-fall collection reveals a dated design aesthetic. the pieces, collectively, look a bit sloppy to me. though the looks may have been intended to look that way, i dont find them chic at all. the construction seems very amateur & there is no cohesion represented in the choice of textured fabrics. though i do favor some of the black pieces, i find that black easily hides poor design details. wang brings years of experience to her fashion collections; once being the senior fashion editor for sixteen years at american vogue. she even turned down the position as editor in chief (anna wintour’s job) to work as a design director at ralph lauren. she has designed wedding gowns for mariah carey, jennifer lopez & ivanka trump- surely this would mean that she understands some form of elegance & sophistication. those elements, however, are not represented in the pre-fall collection we see presented here. these designs, i feel, are a misrepresentation of the class that is, vera wang.

imagesource | coutorture