alexander mcqueen: a visionary + creative genius

by Jeremy Danté

on my commute to work this morning, i was already having the feeling that i should’ve stayed home. arriving to work at 8am, my blackberry goes off as i read the words: “so sad” – thinking it was a friend in need, i proceeded to question what was the matter. the next three words i read jolted my heart, wounding the walls of creativity in my mind: “alexander mcqueen’s death”. in a panic, i responded with the word “what?!”, with my finger held on the capital letter lock, hoping to find some form of clarification or surrounding details from the next text message response; i raced for confirmation that this was a joke. through google searching, “alexander mcqueen death”- i seen it, a report as solid as the ground i walked in on, news more chilling than the blizzard that has attacked new york fashion week. the report explained a discovery of mcqueen’s body being found in his london residence. as my eyes scrolled down the computer screen, my heart dropped in the same direction ten million times faster. images of metallic high fashion aliens floated in my mind, hearing echoes of lady gaga’s “bad romance” quickly transformed into the lyrics of her title track, “speechless” – “you threw your arms up, baby you gave up- you gave up”. there i sat, speechless. thinking of ways to trick my own mind into believing or holding on to hope that this was a form of misunderstanding.

to understand or explain the grief & incredible sense of longing & loss we’ve suffered in our creative community would be impossible. the creative genius that is alexander mcqueen cannot be put into words- & though some may attempt to do so, nothing is ever as eloquent, or as strikingly beautiful, as what you feel when you experience the vision of alexander mcqueen. through fashion & runway showcase garments came to life; imaginations suddenly became intimidating & more evolved than anything ever before. beyond the realm we know as high fashion & deep into the heart of mcqueen world; flocks of houndstooth attacked flocks of birds, robots became life partners of creative vision, as we seen lace, reptile skin & engineered prints become one with history in stylistic references. i could sit here like every other news broadcast & spew the painful details & speculation surrounding mcqueen’s death- but i wont. his contribution to the world & how we define beauty; that loss? is the greatest loss of all. its that loss that im trying to wrap my mind around. realizing how lucky we’ve been; there is no option for rewind.

there is a very powerful message seen & felt being translated in his archived works. we see the most beautiful showcase of darkness, vulnerability & strength all in one.  the genius of alexander mcqueen alone speaks for itself through the work we’ve seen in past collections. showing in march, his last collection will debut in paris, as we all wait with bated breath. the transgression that fashion evolution will suffer is too far expanding for us to even realize. without mcqueen, fashion has taken two steps back. i cannot correctly put into words or expressions how greatly epic the loss is for our wold of beauty.