fall collections, new york: zac posen

by Jeremy Danté

im usually uneasy about zac posens collections each season; so when discovering his latest fall/winter set, i was almost hesitant to give it a chance. in past seasons, his off set use of prints & sometimes dated design concepts go completely against what i respond to in terms of design. but this season was a completely new frontier for posen in my book of recognition, i loved this seasons set. neutral tones were matched to earth tones done in both fur & satin. amazing coats & chic pattern details were matched shades of golden yellows & interesting prints. there is one dress in particular that i died for it was look number six, worn by siri tollerød. that piece is soo chic; almost resembling a strapless gown with a satin top combined. an incredibly thoughtful collection. kept very clean & extremely appealing. one of his best collections in my opinion. vlada roslyakova opened in that amazing camel coat & jeneil williams walked in an incredible red fur coat. sessilee lopez, tao okamoto, alek wek, jacquelyn jablonski, kim noorda, lindsey wixson & tanya dziahileva all ripped the runway as coco rocha closed. also keep in mind, i continue to stand firmly behind my hatred for red velvet.

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