fall collections, new york: donna karan

by Jeremy Danté

at the top of the fashion helm, with many of the greats, sits donna karan. a marketing monster & timeless designer, karan blew the frame out for fall fashion week. the collection presented the most incredible, if not the illest, all black everything collection i’ve seen this season.  slight incorporations of white, teal & purple were featured but headlining were devastatingly dope black designs. while black can allow a collection to produce an elevated level of uniformity, it can also drown design details out- this was not the case with donna karan‘s fall collection. incredibly chic designs were seen in the collections dresses & coats. amazing structure was represented with this collection & i for one, fell off my chair after seeing how jawdroppingly gorgeous this collection was. donna karan solidifies her postion as a lead designer, even at the dawn of this new design age. as we enter a new era of achitectual minimalism, donna presents undeniable chic for the fall season. an amazing set, i am extremely excited to see that a designer of karan’s stature is continually raising the bar. donna is & has always been a bad ass bitch. elegance, sophistication, class & all things regal- donna is the chick to look up to. new school heads stand back, the boss bitch is here.

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