fall collezioni, milan: krizia

by Jeremy Danté

taking some style notes from the past & pairing those elements to a fashion forward set, the krizia FW10 was a solid effort. looking at the collection as a whole, i really understood the reference of time within the fashion story. some elements of the collection seemed to reference the flapper style which had an immense impact of female culture within the 1920’s. as the collection progressed from leather/aviation style references to a vintage metallic flapper feel, design transformed into those of the future. the future of fashion within the collection was represented in black designs with bold injections of neon pink, yellow & orange. as royal blue closed off the futuristic homage of the collection, the finale brought a fusion of those futuristic elements to the flapper style; metallic gowns & leather dresses were topped with silver accessories & thigh high boots. the vision of the collection, as i interpreted it, was very well showcased. from start to finish, i was able to pick up those small references to find a highlighted form of cohesion. i always love a concept & clear translation of a certain vision. a fair showing for krizia.

imagesource | style.it