fall prêt-à-porter, paris: nina ricci

by Jeremy Danté

at this point in time, there is an elevated interest in the current creative direction of the house of nina ricci. since the termination of olivier theyskens, the brand has seemingly lost creativity at an overwhelming pace. last season was a fair showing with some early signs of lackluster quality & this season took a nose dive. from the sloppy bouffants to the disturbingly misguided concepts, this by far is among the worst collections i’ve seen. though i usually dont take an opportunity to speak on how negatively a collection is on the runway, this particular case is different. while at nina ricci, olivier theyskens really took the label into the future with his higly imaginative vision- only to be fired. rumors swirled that theyskens had worked too dramatically against the labels reputation & known style direction. shortly after, he was deemed unfit for a creative directing role; & now we see this. a complete missed mark by one of fashions most historically valued fashion houses. the model casting was fair, but as previously stated, having a dope model cast will not make up for lack of creativity, direction or craftsmanship. a complete disappointment for nina ricci. im in utter shock that this was allowed on the runway to represent the brand. the collection is completely devoid of any actual style or taste, a disgrace to the runways of paris fashion week. changes need to be made & fast, if not, the nina ricci name will be irreparably tarnished forever. peter copping needs to step his fuckn cookies up.

imagesource | style.it