fall prêt-à-porter, paris: christian dior

by Jeremy Danté

presenting style signatures true to galliano design concepts, the dior FW10 collection takes on historical references & feminine charm. though i respect the house of dior immensely,  as well as i do the work of john galliano, the collections are seemingly becoming too alike. this season, additions of plaid & leather seemed to stand out, but the usual etherial dresses with coats & fur were seen. its the usual glamour we would expect from dior. isnt that the tough aspect of fashion & being a designer though? you consistently present great work; full of imagination & clearly present your vision, only to become rested in greatness. that said, its a solid collection for dior this season; & galliano’s reputation is kept in tact, as is the name of the house of dior.

imagesource | style.it