fall prêt-à-porter, paris: givenchy

by Jeremy Danté

on very rare occasion, do i find myself clamouring over runway shows for menswear; the way i do womenswear. that rare occasion just so happened to be with this collection from givenchy. the collection presented for the fall season brought an almost baroque style of detail to each look. while few menswear pieces also walked the runway, i continually find myself falling deeper in love with givenchy’s menswear direction. similarities were seen in both palette’s from the men to the women- black leather, leggings & touches of red. it was all very chic. toward the close of the collection feathers made an interesting detail & sheer textiles were featured as well. a strong showing for the FW10 season, ricardo tisci is a fuckn beast & is completely killing it right now. as excited as i was with the model casting, seeing jon marquez, lyndsey scott, mariacarla boscono, joan smalls & simon nessman- i cannot wait to see what the label has in store for their campaign. great collection.

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