fall prêt-à-porter, paris: alexander mcqueen

by Jeremy Danté

seeing this collection makes the sadness even more pronounced. a vision beyond comprehension & creativity, the clothes speak for themselves. these concepts of mcqueen’s mind will live forever; fashion will have to work overtime to compensate for this enormous loss. as a final statement through design, the collection couldnt be more perfect. a translation of heavenly elements are tied into flawless construction, as we almost see lee taking flight into a better place. all i can do is stare, try to soak it in completely & remember it. a picture perfect collection, fit for a queen. i am in love with the thigh high boots with the leopard printed heel, amazing. astounding attention to detail, amazing from start to finish. no words can describe the level of talent, creativity or imagination that is alexander mcqueen. undisputed greatest- long live mcqueen.

imagesource | tfs