fall prêt-à-porter, paris: elie saab

by Jeremy Danté

the FW10 elie saab collection was decked in black & refined with elegance. though i was bored with the sea of black gowns; as the collection progressed more & more details began to surface. simplicity morphed into extravagant details of lace & sequins; i really loved the hints of maroon within the collection as well. natasha poly opened the show, sigrid agren, kasia struss & anna selezneva followed on the runway. there was a particular interest in recreating the neckline for this collection, especially with the more detailed glitter pieces near the close of the collection. though i found the use of black useless, i really discovered an appreciation for the fashion story as i seen how dope elements of lace were used. the saab label has proved their knowledge & understanding of feminine elegance. a fair collection for the fall. 

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