by Jeremy Danté

dear reader,

some of you have taken this journey & seen me grow in just over a year. from an idea & a dream, to a vision fulfilled  & a reality touched upon; everything in life starts somewhere. i’ve always been asked to provide more personal content here on my blog, but was always very hesitant that my own off screen existence would differ too intensely from what my audience is attracted to. you ever have that feeling like your waiting for something? you know its gonna happen, you feel its gonna happen- you believe it will happen; its that feeling. i’ve always held off on making what i do personal because perception can be a tricky thing. so many people within our generation were raised to be stars, to be the next this or the next that– i too have those dreams, just like you. there is a very particular group of people who have mastered the fake out though, especially on blogs. they boast about what they got while reminding you its something you don’t got– how does that behavior establish a connection? how do those bragging rights garner authentic interest in the person behind the glamour?

while most stars of the past accomplished fame through talent & god given ability, our generation gave a new meaning to the term ‘socialite’- where individuals gained star power simply through acquaintance. in an era where confidence can be threatening, we find ourselves overly eager to please the public & paint this image. but what good can come of an image if its all make believe? i firmly believe in keeping things classic, because with classics come authenticity. authenticity is realness, by any other word. reality keeps you grounded & humble to what you know & have always known since the beginning. strength encases that knowledge & protects your values, as does faith. don’t allow yourselves to get so caught up in the glamour that you forget your reality. images on a screen can lie as easily as you reading a cleverly composed sentence.

the difference between actual stars, and those who fall somewhere below that, is seen in commitment. in my commitment, i have held to a form- a way i felt it should be done, as oppose to adapting what i do to how it was done. all it takes is an opportunity; a chance for someone to see a glimpse of a dream, or a talent, that you’ve believed in your whole life. so maybe this time, this is my opportunity; my chance to go from here to there & take you along for the ride. the glamour that im attracted to has been a standard that im committed to; those elements have a real chance at becoming a reality. and in turn our reality; jumping off the screen & surrounding my life. what we see & dream about, could possibly be waiting to be experienced. no matter how brightly the diamonds shine, no matter how out of control the beauty intensifies- never let go of reality. for every dream that comes true, remember that it started here, me writing to you.

the beginning,