editorialesque » madonna for interview

by Jeremy Danté

never has there been a single force in pop culture, music or fashion that has managed to captivate at the level of madonna. at this stage in the game, the image that madonna is projecting is an unstoppable force. while i often find it necessary to explain why a celebrity is seen here on the fashion blog, i feel a certain obligation to madonna. her vuitton ad campaign shot for the SS09 season is the very reason this blog was ever started. therefore, if it weren’t for madonna, my interest would have never evolved up to now. from the stylistic slay that we see here in this set of images shot by mert + marcus, madonna reminds you that she is just as relevant as she was since her burst onto the scene in the 80’s. reigning as the queen of pop, artists & fashion designers alike strive to project images of the ‘madonna caliber’- with unrelenting strenght in music messaging the entire photographic set is utterly & undeniably dope. madonna is the reason pop stars had to step they game up. this is what editorial is all about & the fact that a musical artist whose been in the game this long is 50 years old & still killing hoes is completely astounding. madonna is the baddest bitch. historically & seen here visually we see more than enough to respect that without dispute.

imagesource | tfs