collection images: lanvin, resort

by Jeremy Danté

lanvin presents signature designs in addition to some new ones with a few familiar faces. within the casting for the collection images we see sessilee lopez alongside vlada roslyakova; the collection is shadowed light & a few of the designs are duplications of what we’ve seen from past seasons. we see the same draping, the same use of neckline with the collection halters &  even see head coverings. all elements we’ve seen in just about every collection presented before this one. with one look showcasing an overflow of snakeskin, we see use of metallic & print as well. i have to say; while i commend labels trying to make a further distinction between themselves & other collections- i dont understand this gimmick with having models hop skip & jump in front of the camera lens when im trying to see the clothes- this aspect of the lanvin resort presentation seems far more distracting than the garments themselves. maybe its the photos, maybe its the clothes- im not completely sold on this set, not for the pre-season.  i was expecting something more exciting, something i havent seen.

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