the fall united colors of benetton campaign

by Jeremy Danté

what yo’ name iz?
corey baptiste, charlie france,
francisco lachowski,  luis borges, abiah hostvedt, willy cartier,
kirby kenny, chrishell stubbs, sharon kavjian,
ann kenny, hind sahli

an extended look at the FW10 campaign is provided through this set, which was shot by josh olins. staying in line with their signature white studio backdrop & high contrast styling, the campaign is noticeably more lifeless this season. at first glance, i dubbed the campaign as lifeless & colorless- after seeing the first shot. i completely admire the bennetton brand for always breaking barriers & basically creating a prototype for what commercially marketed apparel companies should be doing. much of what bennetton does is very relative to both H&M & the gap. being that the brand has been in existence since 1965, its clear that they have become a leader for other competing companies. we see a few faces we know in the form of abiah hostevedt, francisco lachowski, corey baptiste & chrishell stubbs. maybe it’s because im used to the contrast being turned waaay up with their campaigns, but even with the additions of color- models & clothes alike, the campaign still lacks intrigue.

imagesource | tfs