editorialesque » tommy ton shoots for vogue nippon

by Jeremy Danté

shot by blogger tommy ton, vogue nippon features suzanne diaz & tatiana cotliar of next ny for their october issue. styled by aurora sansone, the spread adapts ton’s photography style that is often seen on his popularized blog, jak&jil.com– which i love. while the styling may come off as casual, fans of ton’s work can readily identify his signature. at first glance, i said to myself, “okay, so now photographers are biting bloggers?” come to find out- a blogger shot this. that aside, blogger or not- i’ve heard a few opinions of others on this particular spread & love the images & the casual sensibility it provides for high fashion. through show season, internationally, tommy ton captures some of the most candid & fascinating fashion moments outside of fashion shows, backstage, as well as on the runway. major applause for all of his crossover endeavors.  

imagesource | tfs