editorialesque » iekeliene stange for tush

by Jeremy Danté

represented by marilyn management, iekeliene stange appears editorially for tush magazine. through the lens of rafael stahelin, styling for the spread was done by wiebke bredehorst. spotlighting voluminous designs; opulent design details are seen as the spread is titled, “modern royalty”. allowing a greater sense of royal concepts, the spread is also modern. you might recognize iekeliene from her campaign work with burberry sport, juicy couture & bruno pieters this past spring. iekeliene’s look is one of extreme versatility; her bone structure is refined & exquisite, while her simplistic features allow her to be utilized as a human canvas for outrageous hair color, imaginative cosmetic concepts & just about every form of styling created. i love this spread entirely & am always impressed by how well iekeliene is transformed for each spread or campaign she books.

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