collections images: elie tahari, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

after taking a beige safari in the spring & seeing a powerfully black collection last fall, elie tahari presents a refined pre-fall collection this season. more formality was seen in the looks presented for this pre-season set. i really love the direction that was taken this season & appreciate the evolution of concepts seen over the course of the last two show seasons as well as the resort collection. here i feel a deeper sense of upper eastside chic; it’s more regal, more sophisticated- much more dramatic. wide legged trousers were matched to crisp oxford tops & accented with belted waists & touches of fur. it’s a return to classic style & i am very impressed with the result. it’s always very interesting to see how designers approach the pre-season; whether they reference their past season or hint at the direction they will take going forward. here, i hope they develop these concepts even further into new york fashion week, this upcoming february. a well executed direction this time around.

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