collection images: calvin klein, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

as a leading american fashion house, im always reminded of how greatly the calvin klein label has evolved in the last five years. as a leader in the new age of high end minimalism, calvin klein is reconstructing the direction associated with american designers & well, america. as iconic as a pair of calvin klein jeans or underwear; im always interested to see what new forms of minimalism will be presented. while black & beige designs were seen for the pre-season & though impressive, it’s always a guess as to whether this is a reitteration of what we seen last season, if it’s a hint at the new direction or; if it’s a morph of two seasons old & new. i loved the collection & it’s use of leather, as well as those structured coats we’ve been seeing from the label. clean lines, sleek by design- what was created is faultless. it’s simple & stunning-  beautifully done.

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