introducing helmet magazine

by Jeremy Danté

as someone who readily identifies style & someone who is attracted to a standard- im constantly hunting for the new, the next & want them both now. helmet magazine is of the next, the new. as a publication, helmet is a culmination of our creative community. with their debut issue, helmet  provides written exploration into the influence of youtube, an in-depth look at rick o’barry’s documentary, the cove; as well as interviews with musicians from japan. based down under, the publication is facilitated by group of australian creatives who all hold true to a love to create. an impressive collective of editorial work with images by ned rogers & styling by clare byrne is also seen in the introductory issue. represented by IMG, the debut cover of helmet features ali lagarde; whom you may remember from the pre-fall 2010 DKNY campaign. one things for sure, the cover serves up an enticing invitation for us to look beyond the surface. over the course of the next week, i will take a look at this new magazine & explore creative elements of their editorial portfolio. helmet is now available for digital  purchase.

imagesource | helmetmedia