editorialesque » a girl of singular beauty by paolo roversi, archived

by Jeremy Danté

photographers are among one of the most important elements in fashion. they create & comprehensively aide designers & models to create paths to successful & fruitful careers. the power of image is truly astounding & ultimately, the right image can either make or break you, not just in fashion, but in every industry. image is everything in today’s modern society. while fashion is an industry built on forecasting of the future; the influence of an image is powerful enough to stop time & few photographers understand the importance of capturing a piece of what could last forever. paolo roversi is one of those photographers. with images that consistently produce poetic & romantic differentiality from the rest, roversi’s extensive fashion photography portfolio & work with fashion publications, like vogue, have earned him a spot as one of the greatest living fashion photographers of this century, in my opinion. often times in fashion, we become so obsessed with progression & change- evolution; something familiar becomes that much more valuable. with a distinct style all his own, regardless of which garments are shot- roversi’s images appear unmarked by time. an archived editorial spread, originally printed for the 2004 vogue italia september supplement, is evidence of roversi’s timeless visual signature. titled, a girl of singular beauty, the spread was styled by industry heavyweight, edward enninful as we see natalia vodianova of IMG serving as the girl, with singular beauty. collectively & one by one, each shot is powerful & has an inspiring amount of intrigue. the texture, the gowns- everything is beyond chic & indescribably beautiful. i love the ability we have to look back. it’s important to understand where we’ve been, to appreciate where we are.

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