collection images: lanvin, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

after an enormously successful venture with fast fashion retailer, H&M, lanvin goes on to conquer the world of high end fashion in presenting their questionable pre-fall collection. while the images themselves look like pieces from the H&M campaign, i am starting to feel that lanvin is slowly becoming a one note in design. while each of the last few seasons have been acclaimed & are strongly recognizable; are these cuts, concepts & silhouettes all that we will see from albert elbaz during his reign at the house of lanvin? it’s the same collection with a slightly altered palette & im hoping that reinvention will headline the collection that will debut on the runways of paris fashion week, come february. a valid attempt, but in this case, im not impressed. the questionable angles & use of what appear to be animal props annoyingly distract from the collection.

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