collection images: stella mccartney, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

adapting old school concepts & refining them with modernized edge, the stella mccartney pre-fall collection capitalizes on prints & knitwear. with impressive texture seen in the collections coats, stella reminds us that she can & will reinvent herself, through design, beyond any expectation. while i fully recognize that the pre-fall collections are an appetizers of sorts for us fashion fiends, i am hoping to see a much more developed direction when the stella mccartney collection shows during show season this coming feburary. while a new direction is clearly represented, it’s almost as if a surprise is waiting behind the scenes ready to attack the runway. solid direction & thoughtful concepts are seen here. a basic palette is well balanced with use of red, green & the expect involvement of black, white & beige. overall, the collection shows promise.

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