editorialesque » nicki minaj for v by inez + vinoodh

while some readers had complained about nicki being more subdued on the cover of V, for the publication’s discovery issue, it seems as though they allow nicki to transform in releasing a double cover. seen in prints, facepaint along with signature pink lipstick, minaj shines in what she describes as her most bad ass photoshoot yet. while her album continues to remain in the top 10 on both the billboard album chart as well as the R&B rap chart, the cover & wild editorial spread allow more of the public to ask themselves- “who is nicki minaj?”. a stunning performance by nicki seen here & im thrilled to see her becoming even more of a household name, even beyond the world of hip-hop. as an artist, nicki’s style has evolved greatly & though not completely expected, her style remains laced with some of the finest in high end footwear, womenswear & yes, multi-colored wigs.

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editorialesque » arizona muse for vogue china

represented by next models ny, arizona muse is the next big fashion superstar. shot for the february issue of vogue china, muse demonstrates her ample ability to transform for the camera. shot by camilla akrans & styled by elissa santisi, arizona appears sleek & androgynous is some of springs greatest denim pieces. you might recognize arizona from the spring yves saint laurent campaign or perhaps the january cover of italian vogue, in which she booked alongside freja beha erichsen. as her star continues to rise, we’re rapidly approaching fall show season & im sure arizona will further solidfy her place in high end fashion. keep an eye out for her! we’re 11 days into the new year & she’s already popping up everywhere.

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editorialesque » huang xiao meng for numéro china

through opulence, regality & grace; huang xiao meng appears stunningly style by joseph carle for the pages of numéro china. appearing the publications fifth issue, the rise of power in the asian region of the globe is become intensely strong. as discussed in my weekly fashion reports, rise in luxury demand is ushering a new era for regions in china & korea. with the demand for luxury growing to a roar; fashion publications are put in place to address & quench the thirst of these new money fashion consumers. near the back end of 2010, many fashion publications in china have become more strong & incredibly more credible through creativity. this spread is evidence of the growing fashion relevance of china. amazing styling & beautiful images. shot by yin chao, this spread is enormously beautiful & very well done. lighting, cosmetics, props- everything.

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editorialesque » liu wen for vogue china

shot by patrick demarchelier, liu wen of women model managment appears for the february issue of vogue china. of chinese decent, liu wen is a rising star in the world of modeling, recently landing a cosmetic contract with cosmetic & skincare giant estee lauder. decked in jaw dropping evening wear against textured & smooth studio backdrops, liu appears stunningly & has become a regular in the pages of chinese vogue. beautifully styled, the images are able to shine beautifully without much help.

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collection images: jil sander, pre-fall

structured minimalism with a vintage palette, the jil sander collection is an impressive effort considering this as the fashion pre-season. sleek lines, clean silhouettes & unbreakable concepts were seen in the collection which capitalized on strength through construction. rusted oranges were combined with smoked greys & blues with a touch of textured maroon as well. all in all, the jil sander label is among the leaders of the new era of fashion- minimal, stylish & timeless through innovation. i love this collection & it’s clear translation of style. a beautifully constructed collection that will surely follow a solid fall collection come february.

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collection images: versace, pre-fall

taking a walk down memory lane, the pre-fall collection presented by the house of versace draws a larger focus on print. while much of the versace legacy is about over the top, gaudy, gold printed glamour; the print that was conceptualized for this pre-season set has a more modernized feel & cut. i love the printed blends of animal & floral, a concept i have not yet seen from any other designer. almost like a recap of everything the italian fashion house has done, the set is a collective of versace signatures- metallics, snakeskin, leopard print- it’s all done very well & true to the versace name. im expecting great things from versace this year; last year, with menswear & womenswear- i was completely blown away & am hoping to have that same reaction in 2011.

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collection images: dsquared², pre-fall

coats, formal wear, prints & knitwear were all elements seen in the pre-fall collection presented by dean & dan of DSQUARED² for the pre-season. though impressive, singularly, from look to look- no actual creative interpretation was seen through fashion design. understanding the concepts of the label & expecting a consistent delivery from season to season; im betting that the real show stopping pieces will be held for fall show season, on the runways in milan. that said, the collection serves its purpose successfully in providing an additional set of wardrobe pieces for thirsty consumers. i love the use of print & gowns in this set.

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