collection images: givenchy, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

layered coats & deep earth tones were presented for the pre-fall collection for the house of givenchy. leather was matched to ethereal use of lavender sheers, sharply tailored pants & beatuiful footwear. ostrich feathers accented futuristic silhouettes & long length skirts & gowns that were additionally layered by the collections coats that added a greater feeling of androgyny amidst all the feminine charm of the collection. a bit of religious iconography is seen in the collection, particularly with the skirts that were almost appear as though they were adapted from traditional garb worn by priests & nuns. fur lined hoods were seen on the multi-layered trench & parka designs while accessories also shared the spotlight for this set. i love the downtown backdrop seen in the images & am completely inspired by the fade out of day to night from start to finish for the collection images. the house of givenchy continues to dominate as one of the leading fashion houses in the world of high end fashion.

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