collection images: versace, pre-fall

by Jeremy Danté

taking a walk down memory lane, the pre-fall collection presented by the house of versace draws a larger focus on print. while much of the versace legacy is about over the top, gaudy, gold printed glamour; the print that was conceptualized for this pre-season set has a more modernized feel & cut. i love the printed blends of animal & floral, a concept i have not yet seen from any other designer. almost like a recap of everything the italian fashion house has done, the set is a collective of versace signatures- metallics, snakeskin, leopard print- it’s all done very well & true to the versace name. im expecting great things from versace this year; last year, with menswear & womenswear- i was completely blown away & am hoping to have that same reaction in 2011.

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