editorialesque » huang xiao meng for numéro china

by Jeremy Danté

through opulence, regality & grace; huang xiao meng appears stunningly style by joseph carle for the pages of numéro china. appearing the publications fifth issue, the rise of power in the asian region of the globe is become intensely strong. as discussed in my weekly fashion reports, rise in luxury demand is ushering a new era for regions in china & korea. with the demand for luxury growing to a roar; fashion publications are put in place to address & quench the thirst of these new money fashion consumers. near the back end of 2010, many fashion publications in china have become more strong & incredibly more credible through creativity. this spread is evidence of the growing fashion relevance of china. amazing styling & beautiful images. shot by yin chao, this spread is enormously beautiful & very well done. lighting, cosmetics, props- everything.

imagesource | tfs