menswear collections: versace, fall

by Jeremy Danté

modernized structure, incredible use of leather & stunning contrast was seen for the FW11 versace menswear collection. designed by martyn bal, progressive concepts allow simple & understated details to shine even brighter as sophistication of the collection remains untouched. diamond stitched leather was seen alongside sharp tailoring & refined grooming- allowing versace to rightfully take it’s place as a trendsetting label of the future. geometric prints were used in the collections as well as pixelated prints that appeared on some of the pants that walked the runway & to say the least, i was impressed. powerful shots of blue were injected to the mid-section of the collection, allowing details of black to becoming highlighted stylishly. very pleased with this direction & beyond impressed with the execution; beautiful use of camel toned designs as well. one of my favorite collections presented this fall, martyn bal has expert sense in design & im very happy with the chosen direction.

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