menswear collection: issey miyake, fall

by Jeremy Danté

based in deep browns with dyed stains for design, the issey miyake menswear collection presented in paris this morning is one of acquired taste. while greater efforts to introduce more classic style is seen in this collection, creative director, dai fujiwara allows use of plaid to lead this creative effort. sleek formal looks are seen alongside more casual attire within the set while black, brown, white & blue are mixed with hints of red, which is seen in the collections use of plaid, with a slight injection of fuschia. horizontal striped suits were seen at the back end of the collection, leaving me to feel as though a greater design effort came off a bit lacking rather than inspiring. while the miyake brand is more widely known for their fragrance line, i would like to see greater development of their clothing collections & would love to feel more of the brands heritage included in the process. the miyake label has been known to incoporate technology into their designs & that is not felt within this collection.

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