menswear collections: alexis mabille, fall

by Jeremy Danté

the alexis mabille fall menswear combined a number of style elements through excessive use of plaid, laced pants & military inspired structure. with a wide ranged palette seemingly intended to give the collection more of a style edge, rather than commercial acceptance from consumers; i admire the direction taken, though i don’t personally prefer the styles presented. graduating from the paris’ chambre syndicale de la haute couture in 1997; alexis mabille has earned a place in fashion working for brands like ungaro & nina ricci while toting 9 years experience being employed at the house of christian dior. while i understand the need to defy what is expected, i would’ve like to see something a bit more refined. after all, considering mabille’s experience with other fashion houses- i’d think sophistication would be his knack. after all, it’s paris.  

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