menswear collections: jean paul gaultier, fall

by Jeremy Danté

as a visual representation of james bond in the midst of transformation, the jean paul gauliter collection presented today in paris is one of incredible direction. imaginative & interesting through concept & inspiring by execution, the collection presents every dimension needed for a proper james bond homage. with andrej pejic walking the runway, his androgynous features allowed even the dimensions of a bond girl to be adapted to the collection. beginning on a classical note with miguel iglesias dressed in a tux, the collection progresses to a throng of looks that impressively incorporate scuba gear while slowly introducing gold to the collection palette towards the end. the gold pieces of the collection provide a feel of  ‘golden eye’ as andrej closed the show draped in fur, almost unrecognizably resembeling a bond girl. a beautiful vision & thoughtful concept; it’s this theatricality that has allowed gaultier to become the living legend that he is in the world of fashion. incredibly ill.

imagesource | gq