menswear collections: viktor & rolf, fall

by Jeremy Danté

noticeably more restrained, the FW11 menswear collection presented by viktor & rolf in paris is a clear indication of the widely popular simplification of fashion design. in the last few seasons viktor & rolf have become more known for over the top, avant-garde designs that stretch our own creative comprehension. here, though simple, im very impressed by the strength of the direction that is felt in this collection. with a controlled palette of black, white, grey & khaki- the collection showcases color contrast with one red look for the season; a thoughtful touch & very interesting addition. beautiful wool suits & stunning combinations of khaki & black allow the collection to be appreciated, by myself, considering my own personal style is that of a more minimal aesthetic. a strong direction & impressive set of sharply executed menswear looks that allow true style to be seen without any design gimmicks or distractions. i am very impressed with this set of design.

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