menswear collections: balmain homme, fall

by Jeremy Danté

while seeming completely void of any actual differentiation from season to season, the balmain homme collection remains in one place focusing on dated signatures we seen on a regular basis for the past three seasons. while larger inclusions of color were seen within the collections palette, we see the same boot/coat/denim combination which can only be described as redundant. though this collection sees more style additions in the form of fur tipped hoods & scarves- overall, nothing new or fresh is seen. furthermore, what is created is solid, but in the same sense little to no creative inspiration or even design respect can be garnered from the collection- considering the fact that this is the same set of looks we’ve seen from the label for quite sometime. would like to see more variation & thought put into the collection for next season, while i value & highly respect development of a signatures, i can also readily identify redundancy & all around tired style. strong direction, too familiar.

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