menswear collections: lanvin, fall

by Jeremy Danté

with a certain deconstruction of the typical male silhouette, the Fw11 lanvin menswear collection presented in paris was a surprise. with a rich heritage dating back to 1889, the lanvin label has taken a beautiful approach at allowing the label to translate into the modern day fashion era, successfully. the menswear collections of lanvin are designed by lucas ossendrijver with oversight by creative director, albert elbaz. originally founded by jeanne lanvin, the collection began as a way for jeanne to dress her daughter & soon that creative process became a large business. within the 1920’s & 1930’s lanvin became greatly influential becoming known for their virtuoso embroidery, beading, intricate trimmings, use of florals & lavish design details- aspects which are greatly focused upon today, in the labels modern collections. the design skill of jeanne lanvin was developed first through her creativity as a milliner, hence the hats we see in this seasons collection. the palette of menswear we see this season is wide ranged with blacked out pieces being seen alongside shades of yellow, red, grey, brown & green. details of each look are not spared, rather highlighted by other surrounding details as the labels heritage of pronounced florals are well focused & thoughtfully developed. sleek design lines & strong silhouettes, relaxed & structured are all seen within the set as modern takes on quilted coats & trench styles are seen as well. i was very impressed by how thoughtful this collection came out. with the labels womenswear, i feel a certain degree of redundancy in seeing the same silhouettes &  styles each season. a beautiful menswear collection, suitable for the fall. an inspiring modernization of well placed branding heritage.

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