menswear collections: balenciaga, fall

by Jeremy Danté

the empire that is the house of balenciaga is creatively directed by nicolas ghesquière, whom was appointed head designer in 1997 & has since allowed the company to become resurrected in the world of high end fashion. much of the balenciaga legacy remains strong in it’s heritage of womenswear while the concept of menswear seems a bit odd & at times forgotten. as seen in the collection above, not much though goes into the menswear collections as they do the womenswear & here it is painfully clear. a drab palette ws accented with akward footwear & little to no innovation through design, elements which are often found in the lables womenswear collections. i would like to see that something much more strong be made of the menswear division of the balenciaga label; a brand as closely associated with progression shouldn’t allow such a lacking collection to represent it’s heritage. with reports of plans to increase their commercial presence here in the states, im hoping menswear will be an area concentrated on further development. a very disappointing collection & im rather sad that a fitting collection was not created.

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