spring couture collections: elie saab

by Jeremy Danté

ulta feminine, delicate & luxurious- the elie saab  collection is one of epic glamour & romanticized vision. with a soft palette of pale pink & lavender that warmed to a set of neutrals, the collection dizzied into a black tailspin & ended with a bridal gown topped with a floral laced veil. when viewing the world of womenswear, i often find myself more attracted to things that resonate with me on an emotional level & here, with this collection, i was completely enamored with every gown that walked the runway- this is what couture gowns are all about. collectively, each design never strayed from a spree of cohesion that was capitalized upon with floral elements & use of ethereal textiles. these airy aesthetics allowed each dress to seemingly float down the runway, while gently hugging each model in each gown. with a reputation based in elegance, the elie saab label has outfitted some of the most beautiful women of the world including princess stéphanie of monaco, beyoncé, halle berry, rihanna, scarlette johansson & maron cotillard. with award season in full swing, i would die to see natalie portman accepting the award for best actress in a gown from this collection. refined & sophisticated to the last stitch, on the last floral accent- this embodies the essence of feminine glamour & the power of construction seen in the world of haute couture.

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