fall collection exclusive: raun larose menswear, new york

by Jeremy Danté

inspired by the time traveler, write by roland mallet; i present to you an exclusive first look at the new FW11 menswear collection by raun larose. i was approached by larose himself & was very impressed by the thoughtful choice of textile & progressive approach to design. so many designers, aspiring models, photographers & developing fashion writers approach me with ideas or work they’ve done & i very rarely take the opportunity to present what is sent in to you as my readers.  for this collection, i wanted to start new york fashion week off with something special. as the first collection review for new york fashion week, i am taking a greater responsibility to represent talent that i find outstanding here in new york. quality of cut & fit are two aspects that larose prides himself on; his knowledge & appreciation for refined style & sophisticated design were showcased to him at an early age, through the hand & work of his mother whom worked as a seamstress with high end clients. through design, a distinct style is seen as a wide range of textiles were used to develop a strong direction in what is seen from larose this season. tweed, wool, cotton spandex, silk cotton organza, suede, sherling fur, neoprene, gabardine, mohair, poplin, velcro & swarovski crystal were all seen throughout this stunning collection of bold design. a particularly large amount of attention was paid to the future & how it relates to menswear, through larose’s inspiration of the time traveler. with an intention to tap into progression in design, i was very attracted to the classical elements & different layering that was pronounced in the style of each look & each piece. the male silhouette was pushed to the limit & relaxed in more ways than one; i loved the coats in the collection, as well as the fit of some of the oversized coat designs. slight use of color blocking was also seen in a few of the pieces but the classical & progressive elements were never disturbed. overall, a strong vision was clearly translated in a combined presentation of familiar & renewed design sensibility. a great collection & thoughtful set of design for the fall.