fall shwpckg: ford model men, new york

by Jeremy Danté

highlights from the ford model men’s board for me, are AJ abualrub & paolo anchisi. in season’s past, i’ve imagined that the ford models men’s board seemed a bit more stronger than what appears today. in reviewing the men presented for the FW11 show saason, i have my eye on both briane hatcher & darren clarke. i’ve seen briane hatcher a few times through sparse bookings; i do look forward to seeing both on the runway. approaching new york fashion week with slight hesitation, i will say that the men of ford models will have to convince me this time around. with a strong women’s board from ford, im hoping that the men’s side will be able to measure up & solidify any of my doubts. check for these dudes on the runway. show season starts tomorrow.

imagesource | mdc