fall collections, new york: rachel zoe

by Jeremy Danté

in today’s industry of fashion, an individuals style can become so strongly pronounced that a collection is almost demanded of them, expected. one of those individuals is rachel zoe. as a full force style icon, zoe is to credit for turning some of hollywood’s hottest females into best dressed movie stars.  her styling work, both past & present, has been credited to the flourishing fashion influence of cameron diaz, nicole richie, anne hathaway & demi moore. with published books, a reality tv show, a lower-priced collection of faux-fur sold exclusively through HSN & a baby on the way- rachel zoe will be giving birth to more than one thing in 2011. with news of her spring 2012 collection being designed as you read this, here we see style staples most commonly associated with zoe herself. vintage inspiration is a love of rachel’s & here we clearly see, plus we had to expect, that influence. with a diversified set of women, zoe almost provides a style blue print for what we will soon refer to as her fashion empire. psychadelic sequin, ankle boot, vintage silhouettes, the wide legged trouser, gold hardware,  the fall statement coat, ruffles, pleating, bold faced boning, military structure, the camel coat & yes, faux fur all can be found in her exciting new business venture we can refer to as the rachel zoe collection. as we’ve seen on her reality tv series, zoe has been on a mission to create a fashion empire & has successfully done so. im very excited to see what will come of her fashion collection, as im very familiar with her style signatures & adore her fashion sensibility. beautifully executed.  

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