fall collections, new york: richard chai love

by Jeremy Danté

as a developing brand of relaxed silhouettes & 90’s inspired layering, the FW11 richard chai love collection hosted a wide range of murky tones today on the runways of new york fashion week. as a stunning wool wrap coat opened the collection, an army of charcoal grey looks soon followed. the richard chai signature is that of elongated silhouettess, relaxed fit & effortless style. it’s downtown youngster meets uptown fashion chick- a style chai has greatly developed over time. it’s very interesting to analyze the sense of style being presented on the runways with younger designers- while it may be just this season in particular, i’ve sensed a 90’s style homage for a few seasons now. i love that the chai collection is androgynous in a way but is still feminine enough for some of the girly girls. the greyed palette eventually warmed to a set of neutrals towards the close of the collection & for the most part, i was impressed. i admire nothing more than a designer with clear direction & outstanding style. slight use of print was introduced in some of the pieces in conspicuously & complimented the collection, in it’s entirety, rather than to break it up stylistically. a strong direction & well developed vision. a strong collecton, for the win.    

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