fall menswear, new york: rag + bone

by Jeremy Danté

as new york fashion week goes through the motions of  presenting both menswear & womenswear side by side, not opting for a menswear show in milan; rag & bone presented their menswear collection on the runways in new york, yesterday. mirroring the same outrageous innovation & wild concepts through controlled creativity, the menswear collection uses a stunning yellow within their palette that wasn’t seen for the labels womenswear collection. similar use of plaid is seen in the menswear as more structure is expected for a menswear collection. statement coats are expected for fall collections & are presented in this collection in wool in blue, black, neutral & brown plaid. while minimal use of fur was seen within this set, i would’ve liked to see more breakout moments & more risks taken, being that menswear is usually under very strict guidelines given the need for tailored looks. masculine & sophisticated, even through wild styling & insane layering, the collection mirrors the creativity seen in the womenswear collection very well. i loved the collections use of blue at the close of the collection. the opportunity to contrast simplified concepts to more wild designs was done very well with the menswear collection. most menswear collections are held to a greater standard of control & order, whereas womenswear is much more expected to take risks & be a force of change in fashion. i love the idea of seeing menswear in new york as well, it allows a greater sense of connection for labels to present both collections to a stateside audience. new york is incredibly creative this season with a packed schedule of both new & veteran designers. that said, both new & veteran male models were seen on the runways for rag & bone this season as corey baptiste & yuri pleskun were seen on the runway alongside clement chabernaud & josh beech. among the throngs of creatives, rag & bone certainly holds their own, as demonstrated here. strong collection, one of my favorites.

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