fall collections, new york: marc jacobs

by Jeremy Danté

marc jacobs is a living legend of american design. with an outrageously distinct style signature, marc understands, completely, how to keep a fashion audience on the edge of their seat. admittedly, i have not been too fond of the design direction taken by marc’s namesake collection & don’t particularly love his signature campaign images. that aside, i was stunned this season to see such sophisticated wild style on the runways of new york fashion week. it’s almost contradictory, you see a strict collection of style being projected while the details allow the collection to be more modernized than can properly be explained. an extension of the trend of print that we’ve seen from other collections was magnified & made larger than life as an all-star cast of the best models in fashion walked the runway. i am completely impressed & insanely obsessed with this collection- first look to the last. the mirror of classical design shines greatly upon the pieces in this collection & you can sense relativity to the pre-fall collection we’ve seen from the house of vuitton, which jacobs also creatively directs. it’s refined, it’s wild, it’s sophisticated & sharply executed. a stunningly strong direction for the fall; in love with this season’s collection beyond words. in allowing greater creativity to be felt, marc jacobs may very well be the greatest designer in new york city.

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