fall collections, new york: sally lapointe

by Jeremy Danté

inspired by photographic processing, the sally lapointe label continues to push forward into the FW11 show season in new york with progressive & innovative vision. with a bit more of an avant garde approach to the female silhouette, i loved this collection from the first look to the last. structured shouldes & metallic undertones were ever present throughout the collection & an inspired palette is all the more clearly translated in speaking with lapointe herself, she explains, “the color palette was determined by the order in which a photograph develops, the RGB, it goes from red to green to blue.  so I started with silver as my ‘blank canvas’ and layered the colors in that order.” i was blown away at how well the vision of the collection was translated; though progressive the collection is still distinctively feminine in color & cut, elements which complimented each other within this set. textiles of lamb skin, waxed suede, boiled wool, lambs fur, silk, georgette, hammered satin, rayon and lamé jersey allowed the lapointe style signature to become even more greatly pronounced than last season. presented at the lincoln center the collection’s final look was a jaw dropping red number of epic creativity & outter worldly glamour. i loved the use of print & applaud, with enthusiasm, how well the lapointe label has created such a strong mark each season. based in new york, i asked sally what her mission is, as a designer creating fashion in our society; to which she explains, “i want to put forward and represent a generation of women who are modern, feminine & aggressive.  i believe that my mission in today’s complex industry is finding that balance between my own creative vision, and providing wearable desirable pieces for a variety of women” . that said, i am telling you to put the lapointe brand on your radar. this season in particular, the designers of new york city have really come out swinging & as demonstrated by lapointe, a spectacular new ear awaits.  

imagesource | sallylapointe